Examination Terms/Conditions

School Rules

1. The discipline and development in student is must.
2. The student come 15 minute before school time in full uniform otherwise the gate will close.
3. The decision of the school in time of admission and compition in last final decision.
4. The enter of parents in class without the permission of principal s prohbitted.
5. At the discipline and presence of student in class is also responsibility of parents.
6. The school diary of student must be checked daily by parents and any irresponsibility please contact the principal.
7. In any emergency if the student want to go home in school time then written permission of parents is compulsory.
8. The 75% attendance is compulsory for every student.
9. If the student is absent continuoes 7 days then the admission will be cancelled and fo readmission the fee will take again.

Fee Regulations

1.In the time of Enterence months April to March tution fee and yearly fund are compalsary.
2.In the time of Enternece first three months fee are necessary.
3.Fee should be deposit before 10 days in months.Otherwise 5 rupees charged daily applied.
4.If student's name cutting any reason then again registration fee should be applied.

Fine And Punishments

Which students,Absent in school,To break discipline and rule,late deposite book in labrary. To harm any school's things,unsocial activity etc. are given fined and punishments

Examination Terms/Conditions

1.Student needs to give weekly,monthy tests for improve educational progress .
2.Examination are holds in two semester,first and second semesters.
3.10th class students need to four tests before main Broad examination.It is necessary for every students.
4.The Examination would be conducted in theory as well as in practicals, depending upon the nature of the subject(s) and the marks/grades allotted shall be as prescribed in the curriculum.
5.The qualifying marks in each subject of examination shall be minimum 35%.
6.Every examination tests show his parents and submit again with his parents's singnature.
7.All subjects examined by the school, a student will be given one paper each carrying 100 marks for 3 hours. However, in subjects requiring practical examination, there will be a theory paper and a practical examination as required in the syllabus and courses.