1. The school is developed in 1o april 2002.
    2. Our aim is make student good human being and confident.
    3. Today our school make a good personality and make its own position and identity.
    4.Our school is nursery to eight class in English medium.
    5. In 2009 the social it is we held the four eye camp in which 125 patient get help from this camp.
    6. In 2009-2010 we organize a “sulekh compition” and “drawing compition” in which student show their talent.
    7. In 2004-2005 our school get third position in 5th class.
    8. In 2007-2008 in eight 96% get in bhiwani board.
    9. In 2009-2010 the student of 10th class get 96% marks and get 41th position in Haryana board.
    10. In 2010-2011 in first session the student of 10th class ROHTASH get 96.6% marks and get 1st position.
    11. In 2013 First Selection in M.B.B.S. of Sanjay Saini.
    12. In 2014 second Selection in M.B.B.S. of Pritam Saini.
    13. In 2015 Third Selection in 
M.B.B.S. of Rakesh Sokhal.